I spoke and you agree:

It's challenging AF to completely

LOG OFF of social media / technology, if even for one single day!

That's why I am putting together this super simple reminder that you can opt-in for! Say yes and receive an e-mail each Saturday for the next 90 days that will remind you to spend a day logging off 100% - I will be striving for Sundays; you can choose whatever day fits your schedule! 

WHAT OTHERS ADMIT... "I make very conscious decisions about several areas of my life (food, exercise, nature) but I am definitely addicted to social media."••"We ALL could use a day off from social media. If for no other reason than to rediscover our centeredness. I notice I feel much more focused after a day away from the social media frenzy."••"...once I’m back in I’m an instant zombie again. "••"It IS like an addiction..."••"I am so addicted to social media and it's making me lose control of other stuff!!"•• "My biggest thing is that if I'm off screens- I actually go to bed earlier because I finally am aware of my exhaustion!"

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